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On the Secret Frequencies Meditation Music Studios Blog, we want to do you some good. On every page, in every line, in every second!

Many people are simply not aware of the healing effect meditative music or frequency music (solfeggio frequencies should be emphasized here) can have on their body and soul, which, in our opinion, is a very big mistake. Mental health and a perfect mindset are the basic requirements for a happy life. This music should help you with that!

It should fight inner demons, release blockades, push fears, anxiety and worries aside and make you free in your thoughts again.

We would also like to introduce you to the inventions and findings of Schumann and the earth frequency, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Machine and everything around Nikola Tesla, his findings and the 3-6-9 code.

Furthermore, we would like to show you juices, smoothies and other very healthy things that should definitely give your life a very positive impulse.

We wish you a lot of relaxation and good health.

🎧 Please always remember: to get the best listening pleasure and experience with our secret frequency sounds you should use good wired headphones. Namaste 🙏🏻

Schumann Earth Frequency 7.83 Hz

And its meaning on the human body and soul Schumann resonance refers to the natural frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This frequency was discovered by the German physicist, W.O. Schumann, in 1952. The Schumann resonance frequency is around 7.83 Hz and is generated by the electrical discharges of lightning storms around the world. This […]


OPEN Third Eye Chakra | IMPROVE Communication and Relationships | Repair DNA

Connect yourself to Angels and Elves The Solfeggio frequency of 852 Hz is believed by some to have positive effects on the mind and body. It is part of a group of ancient musical frequencies that are said to have healing properties. Here are some of the potential positive effects of the Solfeggio frequency of […]


369 Hz | The SECRET Nikola Tesla Code 3-6-9 Frequency | The Key to the Universe | Healing Power

What’s is the meaning of Tesla’s 369 Code? Nikola Tesla 369 – 3-6-9-Code – Tesla 369 – 369 – Nikola Tesla – 369 Tesla – 369 Nikola Tesla – 3 6 9 Tesla 3-6-9 Tesla – Law of Attraction – Manifestation Code 3-6-9: The key to the Universe Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the numbers […]

7 quick tips and advices for mental health and mindset

7 Quick Tips and Advices for Mental Health and Mindset

Mental health and mindset are important components of overall well-being, but many struggle to prioritize them in busy lives. Here’s how to prioritize your mental health and improve your mindset. Here are some tips and advice for you. 1. Practice Mindfulness:Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment, which can help […]

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