Schumann Earth Frequency 7.83 Hz

And its meaning on the human body and soul

Schumann resonance refers to the natural frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This frequency was discovered by the German physicist, W.O. Schumann, in 1952. The Schumann resonance frequency is around 7.83 Hz and is generated by the electrical discharges of lightning storms around the world. This frequency is also known as the “Earth frequency” or “heartbeat of the Earth”.

The Schumann resonance frequency is important because it has been found to have a significant impact on human health and wellbeing. Research has shown that exposure to this frequency can reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall physical and mental health. In fact, many people use devices such as Schumann resonators or grounding mats to help them tap into the Earth’s natural frequency and reap the benefits of this frequency.

While the Schumann resonance frequency is a relatively new discovery in the scientific world, it is quickly gaining recognition as an important aspect of our health and wellbeing. As we continue to explore the relationship between the Earth’s natural frequency and human health, we may uncover new ways to optimize our physical and mental health, as well as improve our connection to the world around us.

The frequency of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann resonance, refers to a phenomenon that electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies form standing waves along the circumference of the Earth. The Schumann resonance is the frequency of alpha and theta brainwaves in the human brain. Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies are relaxed, dreamy, sleepy states in which cell regeneration and healing also occur.

Furthermore, it can help our thought processes become clearer and more defined. It is often called the heartbeat of the earth or the fundamental frequency of the earth. We have converted the Schumann 7.83 Hz resonance to an ultra-low frequency pulse generator and put it into a very pleasant sound environment so that you can tune into the Schumann frequency through soothing harmonics.

By actively aiding the activation of the pineal glands, it also helps to detoxify the body.

👉7.83 Hz Schumann Earth frequency helps and supports as follows:

– Improves sleep quality and facilitates deep sound sleep

Activation and detoxification of the pineal gland

– Better well-being

– Improved melatonin production

Balance and harmony with oneself and the environment

– Clearer grasp of thoughts

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