Secret Frequencies Meditation Music Studios

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Nice having you here! We are a team of audio engineers and scientists from all over the world. We have specialized in the healing effects of frequencies on the human body.

Here, we provide our research results free of charge for you. We have determined this as the perfect dose for a day. Daily repetition is essential and the key to achieving the most benefit out of our research!

We are constantly publishing new sounds on our YouTube-channel utilizing the latest research developments. To stay up to date with our latest videos and engineered sounds, make sure to subscribe to the Secret Frequencies Studios channel by clicking the subscribe button on YouTube for us.

We explore all of our years of knowledge on the subject of healing frequencies and their effects on the human body and package these findings into flowing highly enjoyable relaxed music. We have studied in great depth what brilliant scientists like Tesla, Rife, and Schumann found out many decades ago about the effects of certain frequencies on the human body & have transferred this knowledge into sound bodies of modern times.

Secret Frequencies Meditation Music Studios